Hunter X Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc

Meryem & Komugi
Meruem dying in Komugi’s arms

Recent episode of Hunter X Hunter certainly left a gloomy end to one of the most exciting plots we’ve ever seen in history. There have been some disturbing scenes, cool fights and an unexpected love story. So, read on for this story really rocked but spoilers be warned.

Bloody Start

So the arc began DEADLY.

Pitou torturing Pokkle
Pitou torturing Pokkle

Perhaps Mr. Yoshihiro Togashi paid homage to Hannibal Lecter’s infamous brain-eating scene?

Then the unfortunate fate of our protagonist’s mentor. . .

pitou with kite's head
pitou with kite’s head

Then some tasty human meat. Can’t say you weren’t expecting this.

Meat Garden
Meat Garden


Priceless Expressions

This guy was so scared that he aged a hundred years later on.

knov shaking
knov shaking

Poor wolf lost all his hair. Guess that’s what happens when someone threatens to eat you.



Mean As Move

Old chairman really kicked ass.

Netero's First Hand
Netero’s First Hand


In the end, it was all about LOVE

Must admit, it was one good closure.

meruem & komugi - manga version
meruem & komugi – manga version

I’m just a bit tired… I think I’ll sleep just a little.. okay? Do you think you could hold onto my hand?

Komugi? Are you there?

I’ll be awake soon, okay? So until then, would you stay by my side?”


There’s so much more to this manga but one thing that really impresses us is how it gives all characters a moment to shine. No hero always saves the day here. Readers are shown each individual’s perspective, how and why they make certain decisions. In fact, most of them were exceptionally logical. Kudos Mr. Togashi !

Highly recommended fellow Otakus!


So Otaku, what did you think of the latest episode?

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