How It Works

We can order from anywhere in the world! Japan, US, Europe, you name it. (^-^)

Eiwa Proxy Chopstix

Your step-by-step guide on proxy buying with Eiwa:

  1. Give us the links of the item you want.
  2. We’ll check the URLs and provide a price quote.
  3. Let us know if you want to have it sent to your address (you may have to pick it up from your post office), or if you want to have it sent to us.
  4. If the store we get from ships internationally, we’ll require full payment before we place the order.
  5. If the store doesn’t ship internationally and we need to use our couriers, we’ll just need a down payment.
  6. If you choose to send your order to us first, we’ll just need a down payment. When it arrives, we will inform you of your balance and we’ll ship it to you (door-to-door courier) after it’s settled.

Our Proxy Buying Fees

Please note that merchandise may be taxed by customs when they arrive here, especially for orders with a total value of around $200.

Unfortunately, we can’t say if your package will be taxed or not.

This may look confusing, but it’s not, we promise! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about our service.

Thank you!