Beware of Scammers!

Hi, dear Otakus!

We’ve heard countless stories of people being scammed by online stores. We hear about it in the news, and from our customers, as well. In fact, an incident happened with one of our customers recently. That’s why we thought to take this opportunity to warn everyone to please be careful when conducting online transactions.

These may not be much, but we thought we’d share some tips on what should give you red flags.

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1. Offers are too good to be true – Things like 90% off, no catch, etc. Something that makes your eyes go (*▽*) and make you forget reason. Claiming to be able to get every item there is on the web.

2. Seller with no name – You don’t seem to know who exactly you’re talking to.

3. Facebook sellers who only just started, but already immediately have hundreds of followers? Hmmm. (>_>)

4. Let’s say you’re a frequent customer of a certain store. Then, you notice a new store offering similar products. But you find out the products are not only similar, their selections or services are exactly the same as your “suking tindahan,” including the prices!


These are actually what we ourselves keep in mind when considering buying something online. Being owners of an online store ourselves, we hate seeing these scammers copying other stores, and possibly destroying their reputation after working so hard to get their businesses up off the ground.

We hope this helps you even just a bit! Please be careful, and warn your friends and loved ones, too! Thank you for sharing!


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We love authenticity and respect hard work,

Rizza, Jo and everyone here at Eiwa Manga Store


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