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Hunter X Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc

pitou with kite's head

Recent episode of Hunter X Hunter certainly left a gloomy end to one of the most exciting plots we’ve ever seen in history. There have been some disturbing scenes, cool fights and an unexpected love story. So, read on for this story really rocked but spoilers be warned. Bloody Start So the arc began DEADLY. Perhaps Mr. Yoshihiro Togashi paid homage to Hannibal Lecter’s infamous brain-eating scene? Then […]

Getting Blogged!

Good afternoon, Otakus! Today, we’d like to share about a blogger who took his time to include us in one of his articles from Best of Anime 2013 convention. We didn’t really know we were in the blog until just recently when we happened to come across the website. Apparently, we were posing for a shot […]

Up Close And Personal

Hello Otakus, Look closely and you’ll find something we very much enjoyed sharing at the conventions. What really made it interesting was how people would try to guess who’s who on the card. Any guesses? Thanks so much for all your continued patronage. – Rizza and Jo   Thanks to Karu for the picture! And […]

Our First Convention Booth

Good morning, Dear Otakus! Nothing completes our week more happily and excitedly than sharing this new attempt we’ve just recently made. We would love to invite everyone to come visit us as we join The Best of Anime 2013’s convention in SMX (Mall of Asia) Pasay City to be held on September 14 and 15. […]