Santa-is-an-otaku Sale! XD

Hello Everyone! <3

Who knew that Santa also had moe moments, nosebleed moments, and fanboy moments? That’s why he’s sharing his love to all kids naughty, nice, and those on denial! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

…Actually, we just made that up so that we could make an intro for our sale. It’s been a loooong time since we last did this, and we’re super excited!

It’s that time of year when people weep blood rejoice! Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to announce, the SANTA-IS-AN-OTAKU SALE! So named just because it’s Christmas! *ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

So here it goes. We’re giving 10% OFF books in stock! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Here are a few more details:
1. “Santa is an Otaku” Sale applies to all in-stock items.
2. Offer is from December 2nd (Friday) to December 13th (Sunday).
3. First come, first served. Reservations are not allowed.
4. Payments must be made within 3 days from the date of purchase. Please note that payments through PayPal will incur additional fees. Contact us for details.
5. Orders must be made through the website.
6. To avail of the promo, use coupon code “otakusanta2016” upon checkout.
7. Books will be on a purchase-and-ship basis (yes, we made this up, too). This means all purchases through the website must be shipped after payment is made, and cannot be added to other pending orders with us (proxy orders, US orders, etc.)
That’s it! So all you need to do is use the coupon during checkout in our website, and the cart will automatically deduct 10% off the price! ^_^

As always, do let us know if you have any concerns!

Happy sho-ho-ho-hopping!