Get More For Less!

Did you know that you could save when you buy from Eiwa Manga Store?

We offer a discount for a minimum single purchase of 10 books! And what’s more, we add P150 more to your discount for every additional 5 books in your order!

It goes like this:
10 books – P200 worth of discount
15 books – P350 worth of discount
20 books – P500 worth of discount
*P150 more will be added to the discount for every additional 5 books!

This promo is open to Philippine and international buyers! Now, whoever said what you didn’t know would not hurt you? He he he.

Thanks everyone!

*The books have to be ordered at the same time in order for the discount to be effective.
*Promo DOESN’T APPLY to manga books that are already ON SALE.

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