In celebration of Eiwa Manga Store’s resurgence on Twitter, we’re holding 2 GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGNS!


  1. Follow @eiwamangastore on Twitter (of course!).
  2. Like and retweet this post.
  3. a. For old customers, include a photo of your favourite purchase from Eiwa Manga Store, and tell us why you love it! Yes, you can share that purchase made as far back as 2005! Use the hashtag #EIWAGIVES1.
    b. For those new to Eiwa, include a short description of your all-time favourite manga, and let us know why! Use the hashtag #EIWAGIVES2.
  4. Tag 5 of your favourite comrades (friends).


The chosen winner for #1 will get a 2021 Haikyu Calendar! It may already be August, but the calendar has some wonderful posters that are waiting to be put up on your walls. (^_^)
And the chosen winner for #2 will get a copy of Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 6!

But that’s not all! Another 50 people will be given P50 discount coupons usable through our website! There’s a requirement of at least 2 books for the purchase, though! The coupon code will be sent to you privately.

We’re so excited to be back. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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